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Making a Necklace


Beautiful, handmade rainbow suncatchers - each made to order with lots of heart and soul.  Each rainbow catcher is unique and made with K9 crystals, real stones, glass beads and the nicest, repurposed jewelry.  

Great gifts for birthdays, graduations, weddings, bat-mitzvah, baby, holiday, mother's day, housewarming, teachers, sweet sixteen, memorial.....  you name the occasion!

My husband and I met when we were in high school and almost 30 years later, we were surrounded by so much love in our lives and blessed with two beautiful children. However, life doesn't always end up the way you imagined it would.  On June 14, 2021, my husband, Keith passed away suddenly - very unexpectedly.  To try to put into words what a family goes through when they experience such tremendous loss; like the loss of a spouse, a father, a son, a sibling.....  Especially at such a young age. It is nearly impossible.  I was 41 years old and my children were 8 and 11.  

During this very difficult time in our lives, a teacher from my children's school sent us 3 rainbow catchers, which we hung in our living room window.  Before long, we had rainbows on our walls, our carpet, the ceiling...  Rainbows were everywhere - every single day!  What a special gift!

As the days went on and as my children and I were trying our best to learn how to navigate through our new reality, I knew that I wanted to do something meaningful in my life. Something that would somehow take this horrible tragedy and be able to do something good.  Somehow help someone else.

This is where the idea to start making our own rainbow catchers started circling the air...  My dear friend, well she is more like a sister to me, and I started talking about how we could make our own rainbow catchers - but ours would be different.  We would use repurposed jewelry.  We would have multiple crystals and use combinations of beads, chains, pendants...  you name it.  If we could find it on an old necklace or a piece of broken jewelry, we would use it.  

Nicole and I started going to her art studio on the regular.  It became SO therapeutic for both of us. We had friends stop by and want to help.  Friends and family started donating their old and broken jewelry.  I felt like what we were doing had purpose and this is where 19Mavens got started.  19 is a special number to both of us :)  And honestly, it is taking 19 Mavens to help us turn this dream into a reality..

The most exciting part of this new adventure is that we are taking a percentage of the sales and working with a local grief group to handmake rainbow catchers for other families who lost a loved one.  Everyone can use a little more sparkle, a few more rainbows in their lives; especially during such a dark time.

Everything is unique and customizable. We will even take your loved ones costume jewelry and turn it into a beautiful memorial dangler!  

In addition to Rainbow Danglers we also make homemade jewelry, beaded garden wands, bookmarks and roach clips - to name a few!

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